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How to Enhance Your Child’s Intelligence?

As parents, we all aim for our children to always receive the best and succeed in every endeavor. Unfortunately, in today’s advanced daily life, most of us rely on digital devices to educate children.
However, their effect is not at all desirable, quite the contrary – infants become addicted and start neglecting the important things of their lives.

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3 гарантирани и лесни начина да стимулирате интелекта на вашия малчуган Early Childhood Development Tips

In today’s world, completely immersed in multimedia technology. Traditional and ancient methods of calculation have long been replaced by electronic calculators, and digital games replaced the physical exercise.

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Ментална Аритметика Early Childhood Development Tips

With us, together we successfully overcome the following problems among infants:

1. Bad grades in school, difficulty in calculating and writing

2.Poor memory when learning foreign languages and poems

3.Lack of confidence in one’s own skills and introversion

4.Reluctance to absorb new knowledge

5.Insufficiently developed logical and creative thinking

6.Neglecting details

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Benefits of the Helen Doron methodology:

1. Naturally building a bilingualism from an early age

2. Development of social, communication and emotional skills

3. Early Childhood Development Tips

– LONDON, ENGLAND, June 14, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/

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